Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seed Stories from Don Hirsch, Du Quoin, Illinois

After our broadcast with the Du Quoin Seed Library, Mary Jo and Jane sent us down the road to find some local fresh vegetables at Don Hirsch's farm on Sesser Blacktop. He sells local produce and eggs from his farm and also resells from other local farms.  We picked up delicious peaches, tomatoes, and farm fresh eggs.

Don talked about losing his first and second crop of sweet corn due to the drought.  He said that the soil is cracked so far open from the lack of moisture that you can stick you whole hand in the earth. But despite these hard times his optimism prevails.

There is something about farmers and their desire for growing and being with the land that carries them through the most difficult times. We can learn a lot from listening to their stories.

Thank you Don for sharing you passion for farming and your seed stories.

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