Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seed Broadcasts from Manitou Springs Seed Library

Seed Broadcast Mobile Seed Story Broadcast Station was at Manitou Springs Seed Library on July 3rd. It is located at the Manitou Springs Public Library and housed in a gorgeous antique library card catalog. The seed library is open and free for the public use.

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Local gardener and seed library participant, Katherine Garcia, came by to visit the Broadcast Station and used the copy center and bulletin board to take home some seed saving documents. She talked about how hands-on gardening was instrumental for actually learning how to grow food and save seed. She posted a request for Osha seed (If anyone reading has successfully grown this and has some to share...please leave a comment below and we can get you connected.) Katherine also shared a seed story with us.

David Woolley helped organize the Seed Broadcast event at the Manitou Springs Public Library and spoke with us about the creation of the seed library, its organization, mission, and the questions that have come up to grow this community effort into a viable seed sharing mission. He also shared his personal Seed Stories.

We also interviewed several of the Manitou librarians, who assist patrons in using the library and also help keep it properly archived and organized. Librarian, Deb Ehret, has also participated in the public seed library and taken sunflower seeds home to plant in her yard. She talked about how she planted her new home in Manitou Springs with these seeds and also how people from the local community spent hours perusing the seed library.

Margaret Morris, the Director of the Manitou Public Library, has been instrumental in helping to organize the seed library. She talked about how important this seed archive is, and how librarians are a perfect match to help manage these seed libraries as living collections. She joined us in the Broadcast Station to check out some of the Seed Stories and browse our broadcast hub, which provides audio, video, and document feeds of seed saving, seed library, and seed sovereignty materials from online sources. She also discussed the recent fires, which caused huge devastation north of Manitou Springs, and forced many Manitou residents to be evacuated from their homes, leaving their gardens to fend for themselves in this time of extreme draught.

Thank you Manitou Seed Library for sharing your seed stories with us and we hope that the monsoons soon arrive and provide abundant moisture for your gardens, mountains, and rivers!

See all stories here.

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