Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station Tour

The Seed Broadcast Mobile Seed Story Broadcast Station is preparing to take off on its 2012 tour this Monday, July 2.  See the left side bar of this blog for tour dates, times, and locations.

Join us for a day of seed broadcasting and share the stories of your seeds, gardens, farms, and the local food you love.
The SeedBroadcast Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station, seed libraries, farmers, gardeners, and folks who love local food, are teaming up for public seed story broadcast events across the country. Please join us! Come and share your personal seed stories. We would like to interview you and hear more about your seed saving, gardening, and farming passions, the local food you cherish, and information about your local seed library. Also, stop by, copy, and add to the Broadcast bulletin board - a cork board wall presenting seed saving and organizing how to’s. You can also help create a mural on the Broadcasting Station with collaged images of the seeds you love. Seed Stories will be available to listen to, along with a Seed Broadcast video, Letter From a Seed Broadcaster.

Bring some of your favorite seeds, so we can take a picture of you with your seeds to include on the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station mural.

You can also follow us on our tour by signing up for email updates from this blog....join us for a cross country Seed Story Broadcast and keep listening... 

Click here for a downloadable version of this tour flier.

We will also be posting fliers for each Broadcast stop on this blog as we travel.
Stay tuned as we tour the country, and join us in listening to the Seed Stories of amazing seed savers, farmers, gardeners, and folks who love local food.

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What stories will your seeds share?