Saturday, July 28, 2012

Seed Broadcast at the Capital City Farmers' Market

Seed Broadcast visited the Capital City Farmers' Market on Saturday, July 30.  We met many visitors to the market along with several local producers.

Kate Milligan, a local medicinal landscaper shared her seed story with us and told us all about the local organized effort to take back health care through using herbs found in our own backyards to treat health issues. The organization she works with is actively saving seed and helping local folks to grow their own medicinal landscapes. For more information on local efforts to acknowledge and practice health care from the earth visit: Vermont Center for Integrated Herbalism.

We also met Arealles Ortiz and Emma Lutz-Higgins who shared their stories about participating in the local Montpelier High School Seed Library.

While at the farmers market we were blessed to meet Carol and Robert Mouck, two amazing seed savers with magical twinkles in their eyes.  They talked about their efforts in Ontario, founding a seed sanctuary, while trying to encourage and help others to save and grow more seeds. They are both passionate about this effort and worried that many people are not yet ready to embark on this mission. One of the most important aspects they feel the world struggles with is the simple gesture of love and generosity. Something that even seeds desire.

Thank you everyone we met for your joy, encouragement, and struggle to keep seeds in the hands of people!

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