Sunday, October 4, 2015

Seeds and our Future

Inside the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station
Downtown Block Party beginning to gather crowds

SeedBroadcast partnered up for the Habitat – Exploring Climate Change Through the Arts during the Downtown Block Party in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a kick off for our current focus on the role of seeds, seed savers, and resilient grassroots ecology to cope with climate change, we were interested in asking people on the street to share their thoughts while sharing seeds and stories.

Taking a picture of Orianna Pavlik's Seed Story drawing

The event was filled with artists led projects and local organizations sharing innovative ideas and works which harness the power of sustainable energy, community, and creativity. People roamed the street and playfully engaged with these projects while talking about an unfathomable future that seems so distant yet present with each decision made in our daily lives. Everyone seemed to say that the future is here and its high time that we all begin to walk the talk.

Gathering Seed

If seeds could talk, they were talking on this day. Everyone who showed up at the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station seem to be drawn to the seeds as if they were beckoning them with their belief in the potential for the future. In the sprouting of life and sustenance. Even though planting season was winding down everyone we met was keen to begin dreaming of next years gardens and the walk these seeds would take them on to try their hand at growing their own food, saving their own seeds, and sharing these with others.

Many thanks to our guest SeedBroadcasters, Andrea Gohl, Clark Frauenglas, Orianna Pavlik, and Joanna Keane Lopéz who helped out during the event recording Seed Stories and helping visitors with all this seedy fun.

Andrea demonstrating how not to eat corn

Here are some Seed Stories that were shared with us:

Phil Trujillo and Julie Holt share Seed Stories from HABITAT Downtown Block Party in Albuquerque, NM where they talk about finding old gourd seeds and following old timey traditions to grow gardens, save seeds, and share this with others.

Lynn picked up some SeedBroadcast seeds at Habitat - Exploring Climate Change Through the Arts and then shared her Seed Story and dream of changing her life to be closer to the earth and growing an urban forest with local resources.

Iona Vernon and Noel Mollinedo share their Seed Story from Habitat - Exploring Climate Change Through the Arts in Albuquerque, NM where they talked about foraging for food in the mountains and the importance of seed sharing to keep our food alive.