Sunday, June 9, 2013

Local Seeds = Local Food at the Tri-County Farmers' Market

SeedBroadcast was invited to the Tri-County Farmers' Market for the 2013 opening-season festival in Las Vegas, New Mexico. From seeds, fresh local foods, vibrant watersheds, and getting back into our kitchens to cook, this celebration was a declaration for people, land, and health.  There was an excellent turn out of farmers and gardeners with vegetables, herbs, plants, and eggs along with home-made artisinal crafts, art, and wellness products. People came from all over the area to celebrate and show their support for local agriculture.

Armand Saiia of Infinity Farms brings a truck load of greens to the tractors, much love, dedications, and great veggies!
 Chef George Dimsey demonstrates cooking with seasonal produce and making the best food ever!

There were also many activities taking place like cooking demonstrations, farm animals to pet, and local musicians creating an air of feast.  Community organizations were present to discuss issues surrounding the local Gallinas Watershed, home resource conservation, and organizing a community garden in the heart of town.

With the drought, many home gardeners in the city and acequia farmers on the outskirts have been left with no water for farms and gardens. This crisis has set the stage for many pro-active projects which individuals are organizing to assert democracy and the essential human rights of citizens to a healthy, vibrant, and productive environment. This action has built a powerful coalition of voices declaring, "Farming and Water! Not Fracking! and questioning the future vision of quality and development for the city of Las Vegas.

Local activist, educator, mother, and concerned citizen, Anamaria Armijo-Glenn, along with Gerogina Ortega and Miguel Angel of Casa de Cultura are up'ing the ante and sending a shout out to everyone in Las Vegas to join them in organizing and building a community garden to take back their rights for active food sovereignty. It will be called La Milpa Community Garden and it will be located at Miguel's historic family home and garden in old town. They presented this concept at the market and are inviting everyone interested to attend a planning meeting on June 21, 4pm at Travelers' Cafe in Las Vegas. Here is Anamaria's seed story of inspirations and dreams for this project:

SeedBroadcaster, Chrissie Orr talks with visitors at the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station

The Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station shared seed resources, seed stories, seeds, and conversation. Several local SeedBroadcasters (folks who had shared their farms and gardens with us in 2011 and who have been inspirations since) came by to share seeds, transplants, and support. Old-timers talked about historic seed types and their love of growing. 

Several seed stories were also shared with us while we were at the Tri-County Farmers' Market and they will be coming up shortly in the next stay tuned and keep it seedy. Also, if you or anyone you know is interested in contributing a seed story to these broadcasts contact us and we can conduct a recording with you.
Call or email - 505-718-4511 //

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Seed Stories from Tri-County Farmers' Market

Here are some of the seed stories that were shared with us from Tri-County Farmers' Market in Las Vegas, New Mexico!

Jude Romero shares his story about saving New Mexican chile seeds.

Ella Bleu Jimenez shares her seed story about why seeds are important

Francine Lujan talks about the culture of seeds, keeping traditions alive, and gardening

Julia Fuchs tells her seed story about broadcasting life through wildflower seeds

Damien Maestas talks about the importance of saving seeds to save culture

Thank you Jude, Francine, Julia, Damian, and Ella Bleu for sharing your seed stories!

Friday, June 7, 2013

SeedBroadcasting at the Tri-County Farmers' Market in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Join us in Las Vegas, New Mexico for a celebration of Local Seeds = Local Food!
SeedBroadcast is partnering up with the Tri-County Farmers' Market in Las Vegas, New Mexico to celebrate local seeds, food, and the unwavering efforts of local farmers.

Bring your seeds to swap, and join us for seed story shout-outs, seeds and local food

June 8, 2013
8am - Noon
Local Seeds // Local Food
Tri-County Farmers' Market
6th and University
Las Vegas, NM

This event is hosted by the Tri-County Farmers' Market!

Global March Against Monsanto, Santa Fe, New Mexico!

March against Monsanto, Santa Fe, New Mexico. May 25th 2013

Saturday May 25th, 2013 "March Against Monsanto" saw the world speaking out and the voices were loud and clear!  Over two million people joined global protests against seed giant Monsanto and the genetically modified food it produces. The protests were held in 52 countries and 436 cities, including Santa Fe, New Mexico, to make a stand and shout out for rights to the freedom of our seeds,  the freedom for farmers, our food supply and for the food revolution !

Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station at the Santa Fe Farmers Market

 The Santa Fe rally was tirelessly lead by Candace Apodaca with the help of social media. "I could not have done this without Facebook", she told us as she was running from sorting the audio equipment, to locating the fog horn and corralling the local speakers. The crowds of families, farmers, poets, musicians, filmmakers, seed-lovers and concerned citizens gathered early at the Santa Fe Farmers Market in the Railyard district, where the event was opened by an invocation and prayer. Many local guests powerfully spoke out with song, poetry and wise words of encouragement and celebration.

March against Monsanto from the Santa Fe Farmers Market to the New Mexico State Capital as seen from the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station.
The rally grew steadily throughout the morning and at least a 1,000 strong marched peacefully to the State Capital where the afternoon continued to gain community momentum and collective spirit through the very act of voicing opinions.  Many people stopped by SeedBroadcast to share their concerns for their food supply, for the future of our world and spoke freely of a burning desire to see and feel change.
Some of the signs displayed at the New Mexico State Capital
In amongst the energy and determined voices John Simmons and his children were quietly sharing their love of seeds.  John lovingly carried his magic bag full of scarlet runner beans, (his favorite seeds), pinto beans and a Hopi corn that was entrusted to him many years ago.  John has continued to grow this special variety of corn in his garden and at the Monte Del Sol school garden that he tends along with the students. He found a quiet spot in the Capital gardens opened his bag and in the spirit of generosity shared his seed wealth. What a reciprocity our seed sharing wisdom brings but what a radical act it has become!

Chalo Wells, who had driven non stop from Los Angeles to get to the rally in Santa Fe, took time out  to share his thoughts about seed saving as a cultural practice. This was one powerful day but one day is not enough.  Many wonderful connections were made but we need to continue the discourse, we need to continue to find ways to speak out, to be heard and to keep this movement growing.  Lets keep ourselves informed at a local level,  help out in the community gardens, form a neighborhood garden by removing fences and walls, share resources and continue to save and share your open pollinated seeds.  Perhaps inspire others by sharing your seed story at or create a circle of seeds 

A Circle of Seeds is a very simple idea:
It is to gather a group of friends or neighbours,
each of whom commits to grow and save seeds from one or more crops.
Each member selects a crop variety
 and takes on to sow, tend, harvest, clean, dry and store its seeds.
At the meetings everyone shares their seeds
and the information they have on the variety chosen.
Just imagine…
If the Circle has 12 people
and each person chooses a variety,
after one year, the Circle’s seed bank will contain seeds from 12 varieties.
The following year, each person chooses another variety
and now there are 24 varieties.
After 5 years…

 To create a network of Circles of Seeds throughout the country to
Rediscover, Gather and Share
our national heritage of ancient and traditional seed varieties.

In solidarity!