Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Montpelier Seed Library at the local High School

Montpelier High School Gardens
Seed Broadcast met up with Tom Sabo, teacher and organizer of the Montpelier High School integrative, sustainable curriculum, where students learn everything from Spanish to Biology directly from the food they grow. This High School is also the site of the current public Montpelier Seed Library.
Picking blueberries.
Tom showed me around the High School gardens and greenhouse.  All the food they grow here goes directly to the cafeteria and is eaten daily by the students, giving them all an opportunity to experience the cycle and interconnection of food production, labor, culture, and research. We picked some blueberries and ate them along our walk.

Seed Library Cabinet
This Seed Library is housed in the High School Library.  It is accessible to the public, although the hours are limited to times when the school is open.  Tom said that he is currently discussing the possibility of growing this library and collaborating with the local, Kellog Public Library, so that the seed library will be more available to the Montpelier Community.

This library began when high school students met with local farmers who had been growing local heirloom varieties.  They listened to the stories from these local seed savers, and brought seeds back to school with them to contribute to the seed library. These are now grown at the high school gardens.

Keep listening....we hope to interview Tom later this week....

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