Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mora Grows Seed Lending Library

SeedBroadcast recently met with Marleny Alfaro, originally from Cuba and now living and creating her life and biodynamic farm in Mora.  She has taken on the creation of a seed library and to kick this off there will be a seed interchange on March 23rd from 9am to 11am at Tapetes de Lana, located at the corner of Hwy 518 and Hwy 434, in Mora. The SeedBroadcast Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station is delighted to be partnering with Mora Grows and will be traveling to Mora to support this community event, to meet with community members, to gather and share local seed stories and to learn. Please come and join us.

The following is what Marleny sent to SeedBroadcast:

Our purpose is to save and share seeds that have been adapted to the area, as well as to educate those who have little experience in the art of saving seeds. Events for children will be announced after our first seed interchange. The lending library will be a place for you and your family to obtain and to pass on seeds that have been cherished by locals, strengthening our community's  ability to sustain itself, and passing on wisdom from generation to generation. Protecting our resources and keeping our seed stock safe from genetically modified seeds is one of our goals.

If you feel called to help with this endeavor, there are several ways in which you may help:

1. Promote event
2. Create table signs
3. Create educational posters
4. Find volunteers
5. Day of event orientation help
6. Clean up

We will organize our tables, as well as our library, by plant families. We are in need of a wooden cabinet with many drawers. We will re-finish or repair it. If you possess computer, artistic, organizational, gardening skills, or if you simply wish to help and don't know how, we invite you to contact us at and you may visit our page for more details.

We hope to see you there.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Albuquerque Seed Swap!

As spring nears the potential for growing seed swaps is at hand!

Peter Gallo from the Albuquerque Urban Farm and Garden Cooperative, in the south valley, just wrote to announce the date for their annual seed swap.

Here is their information:

Spring Seed Swap and Picnic!

Sunday, February 3, 2013 from 12 - 4pm
731 La Vega Ct SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105

Spring is right around the corner and some of you have already begun your indoor planting and preparing your outdoor gardens. Lets start the year out right by working together to make our gardens more fruitful!

Last year's seed swap was a great success and we are looking forward to hosting again and hopefully seeing some new faces.

Please bring… *non-GMO seeds/heirloom seeds- We are all about honoring and protecting the right to save our own seeds and grow unadulterated foods. Seeds can be packaged or saved from your gardens but must be GMO free! The seeds can be vegetables, fruits, herbs, medicinal herbs, flowers, whatever you have to trade!

 (Have an idea of what kind of seeds you're looking for)

*Something to put your acquired seeds into- This can be little baggies, small paper envelopes or handmade envelopes. It doesn't really matter but we will not be providing this and the swappers are not required to bring containers for others.

*A healthy potluck dish- Please include a serving utensil and an ingredients list for vegetarians or those who may have food sensitivities.

Event starts at noon with meet and greet. Coffee and refreshments will be provided. The swap will start promptly at 1pm and will go on throughout the afternoon as we enjoy our picnic lunch.

This is also a great opportunity to network with other folks, so bring your business cards and an area will be provided for them.

This will be a wonderful event and a great start to the year! Blessed Spring!

Here is a link to their facebook page:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reflections: January 19th 2013

As SeedBroadcast gears up for the coming year we have been reflecting on all of the incredible encounters and relationships that we have made with seed savers, gardeners, local food growers, students and those who just want to have access to healthy locally grown food. These encounters have been made across the country through community events, creative workshops, gatherings and partnering with like-minded folks.  At all of our SeedBroadcast stops, which have included libraries, farms, gardens, museums and downtown street corners, we have invited people to fill out a seed survey. These surveys help guide us to define and fine tune our intent, purpose and where best to put our resources. We believe that there is a wisdom held in each locale and we are curious to learn and hopefully share the similarities and discrepancies in regards to seed saving, dispersal and the growing and easy access of healthy local food. Really we do read these surveys.
Completed surveys at the Campartiendo Semillas, Sembrando el Futuro Seed Exchange in Las Vegas, New Mexico, 2012
This year SeedBroadcast has committed to investing time back to the genesis of the project, the Las Vegas, San Miquel, Mora and Guadalupe Counties of Northern New Mexico. We will be gathering and dispersing ideas, skills and seeds in various locations and will continue to present what we encounter through this blog. In order to orientate ourselves we have been going back through the surveys that were completed at last years seed exchange in Las Vegas.
The following is a selection of thoughts from these surveys.
On the idea of why save and share seeds:
Andrea from Las vegas,
"To nurture and share pure natural food and plants with human kind."

Joe from Las Vegas,
"To grow food for my family." 

Kathleen from Ocate,
 "I like the quality of my crops."

Reyna from Las Vegas,
"I would like to be more self -sufficient and help ensure that there will be uncorrupted seeds for the future."

And Trina from Tecolote,
"So that others can enjoy the whole experience of growing."

On what a seed library should be:
Annabel from Anton Chico,
"It could have all kinds of seeds and all the information that an individual would need to know about the seed."

Grace from Las Vegas,
"A selection of all the seeds available in our area."

And Jeffery from Mora.
"A place where seeds of all kinds are stored and easily accessible."

On why people have stopped saving seeds:
 Kerry from Las Vegas,
"We stopped valuing them as a resource when large scale farming became more popular."

Marge from Las Vegas,
"It is lazy to just go and buy the vegetables and flowers already grown without the hassle of doing it yourself."

And Reyna from Las Vegas,
"I think people stopped saving seeds due to not being educated on preservation of them for growth. "

Our seed survey can be found here at the PARTICIPATE! page and can be filled in online. We invite you to share your thoughts and especially any seed stories that you hold. This seed story might be about the seeds your grandmother saved, the tin of corn kernels that were found in an attic, the ancient seeds you might have been given or about your favorite seeds.  Some of these stories we have been recording and you can access them here at our Seed Story Soundcloud.
But you can write them too and we will post them on the blog. 

We look forward to hearing from you.
Armand Saiia from Infinity Farm in Ribera, New Mexico sharing a seed story.