Saturday, July 14, 2012

One20 Farm and Friends Seed Broadcast in Columbus, Ohio

The Seed Broadcast Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station stopped by the One20 Farm in Columbus, Ohio to catch up with old friends, Kellie and Jeromy Gedert.
Here at their urban homestead, they raise chickens, grow fruits and vegetables in a permaculture garden, and raise compost worms, while championing the cause of local, slow food.
We were also joined by Shawn and Gerry who run the City Folk's Farm Shop – providing urban homesteading tools and education for city gardeners and farmers.

Jeromy and Kellie talked about their desire to grow as an urban farm under the limitations of space and the constraints of city ordinances, which prohibit them from having livestock, such as milk goats and ducks.  They would also like to continue experimenting with edible forest gardens by planting more perennial tree/shrub crops such as pawpaws and olallieberies. But, they have to do this strategically, due to the size of their yard. They are struggling with popular expectations that farms are supposed to be rural, large scale operations, instead of inhabiting the yards of urban spaces within walking distances to other amenities such as schools, shops, libraries, and parks. One project they are discussing with neighbors is establishing a local, community garden, which means taking back a public space that has been appropriated by privatized interests.
Worms make..,..
delicioso food
While enjoying  a wonderful feast of flat bread, roasted veggies, pesto and white bean spread – all beautifully prepared by Jeremy, chef extraordinaire - Kellie, Jeromy, Shawn and Gerry all shared some great seed stories with us. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we didn't actually manage to record them. We are going to try to collect their stories over the phone, so please keep posted for story updates from Columbus....
Casie adds some beans to the mural
The whole family joined in the fun, wheat pasting seed pictures to the van. The kids, Milo and Casie, not only plastered the van with seeds, they also shared their seedy drawings of sprout, plants, and a bee on the van's dry erase board.

Thank you One20 Farm and friends for a lovely evening of seed stories!

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