Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seed Hymn

All Species Day Projects Circle of six disciplines of Replenish, Redesign and Remember
Chris Wells is an avid believer in how our natural word informs us as humans and has dedicated his life's work to remind us all to connect back to the earth and its magic.  He is the visionary behind All Species Day, , a founding member of the Bioregional movement and has been growing ancient varieties of corn, from the early sixties, when he was introduced to the power held in this plant by the Hopi.  His latest offering to us all is his Seed Hymn. He wanted to create a contemporary song to celebrate the essential beings of life and this idea grew out of a need to recognize the the real wealth of this world and to protect it. In a recent conversation he stated  "This is a basic praise and worship Sunday morning kind of song that I hope will travel to church choirs, religious rockers and perhaps confound the Friday night bar crowd."
Chris recorded his Seed Hymn on a recent visit to Santa Fe from his home in Oaxaca.

                         Lets spread the praise for our ancient seeds

Seed Hymn

Seed of bright new day
Sun seed-the blessing way
Seeds of the forest of the sky
Seeds of the mountains high

Seed in the rolling sun
Seed of the heart that's spun
Breathing seed
Seed divine

Seed of the spiraling of the stars
Seed on the wind
Seed of the beginning 
and the beginning again

Seed in the motion
 Of the ocean
On the waves
Seeds of tomorrow
Seeds of yesterday

In these times
will you return to us
bring your flowers
And your fields

Hold tight these ancient ones
Health and flavor 
Prove the yield

Let our children
Learn to grow

We are not just here to fight

 The way the earth 
Provides for us
If we treat her right

Seed of the spiraling of the stars
Seed on the wind
Seed of the beginning 
And the beginning again

Seed in the motion
Of the ocean
On the waves
Seeds of tomrrow
Seeds of yesterday

Sprout of maple
Limb of oak
 Stone of peach

May our people bring you within reach
Grain of corn
Blossom of squash 
Ovum of bean
Sing them strong and pure
Standing ancient free

Sing them strong and pure
Standing ancient free......

Thursday, January 9, 2014

This is an invite to all you seed-lovers and local food growers out there! Please consider contributing to the 2nd edition of the Seedbroadcast agri-Culture Journal. It could be a drawing, photograph, story, journal entries, poem, an essay, a manifesto, your favorite recipe using home grown food, with a relevance to seeds, seed saving and local food growing practices. Each of you holds a wisdom and it is this wisdom we hope to share.

This 2nd edition will be published in Spring 2014 and will be available in printed and web format.
Deadline for contributions is January 31st 2014.
Send to
Images should be 300 dpi and please include a couple of sentences about yourself, your collective, farm, family or organization.

Please take a look at our 1st edition. 
It is available to download  here:

 We look forward to hearing from you,