Monday, July 9, 2012

Mighty Billboards, Mississippi, Rain, and the Seedy Mural

I-70 Billboard
LuLu's Herbs, owned by Pam Bramlett, in Balwin City, Kansas invited us to stay on on the farm before heading to Du Quoin, Illinois.  We hung out with 3 of the farm WWOOF'ers and checked out the herb gardens. Thank you Pam, Sarah, Alan, and Aaron for you hospitality.  You can check out Pam's garden blog here: Lulu's Garden Herbs.

I-70 Billboard

Heading towards Du Quoin, we ran into a huge thunderstorm.  This rain ushers in a new era of moisture for me.  I do not think I have seen this much rain for years. But still, it is dry, even here in the lush, pseudo-tropical, hill country of southern Illinois.

Along the way, people keep asking, "What are you doing?" But, the conversations that emerge are passionate, fascinating, and inspiring. Today we met, Swan the Story Teller in Carbondale, Il. She related information about a mock trial that was recently held here at Southern Illinois University, indicting the corporate hand-hold of people's basic human right to seeds and justice.  Swan said that they will soon be releasing a documentary film about this.

We have finally initiated the Seedy Mural on the exterior of the Seed Broadcast Mobile Seed Station. The images so far include seeds saved from Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm, Suzanne Coffey, Cathy Kahn, and John and Cindy McCleod. All from New Mexico.  We scanned and photographed these, then scaled them up, printed, and wheat pasted them all over the van.  We will continue to paste the sides with images of seeds as we tour the country.  Please bring a favorite seed to the Broadcast events, we will photograph/copy/print it and you can help paste it onboard.

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