Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow days and snow bound!

Snow bound on the farm, Anton Chico, NM
Albuquerque Spring Seed Fair has been cancelled for Feb 28 due to snow....maybe rescheduled?
SeedBroadcasters are snow bound in Anton Chico and Santa Fe.....but these come as many wishes for wintery weather preparing us for spring plantings and summer abundance!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Compartiendo las Semillas en Anton Chico


3rd Annual Compartiendo las Semillas en Anton Chico

Please join us for the 3rd Annual Anton Chico Seed Swap
Saturday March 7 from 1pm - 3pm
Location: in the parking lot at the new Economic Development Center 
(old Anton Chico school)


SeedBroadcast will be there with lots of seed saving resources, seed stories, and fun seed projects!

Everyone is welcome, even if you do not have seeds to share. 
We hope that this seed exchange will support local seed saving and sharing.

SeedBroadcast at Albuquerque Spring Seed Fair

SeedBroadcasting from the ABC Spring Seed Fair!

SeedBroadcast and the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station will be recording and broadcasting Seed Stories and sharing creative seed resources.

Spring Seed Fair!
Saturday, Feb. 28th
10am - 2pm
Main Library
501 Copper Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM

Join us for a celebration of seeds!
We will start off with a closed seed swap for those who bring seeds from 10-11.
And starting at 11, we’ll have plenty of seed giveaways and talks by:
Brett Bakker (NMDA Organic Program)
Emigdio Ballon (Tesuque Pueblo Seed Bank)
Sean Ludden (Bosque Seed Collective), and more!
 Seedbroadcast and other community partners will be there too!
Free and open to the public in the lower level community room at the Main Library.
Free parking validation for the first 2 hours!

This event is being organized and hosted by the ABC Seed Library:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Schedule of Events

2015 is looking to be another incredible year for SeedBroadcast. Our schedule is still in the works, but we have many dates and partnerships organized for SeedBroadcast projects and Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station Tour. Here is a list of events to date....please check back for additional updated information and/or feel free to contact us for the latest. Our facebook page is also a great place to see our latest posts and upcoming SeedBroadcast events. Like us on facebook ( and follow us on these incredible Seed Story journeys!

Also...SeedBroadcast is an all volunteer collective and all projects are funded through generous donations and grants. We need your support to keep SeedBroadcast in action during 2015! Please consider a tax-deductible donation today! Your support will help us pay for travel and project expenses for this 2015 schedule of events.
Please visit our donation web page for more information: DONATE

Saturday, February 28, 10-2pm
Albuquerque Seed Exchange
Albuquerque Main Library,
Hosted by the ABC Seed Library
501 Copper Ave NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Saturday, March 7, 1–3pm
Anton Chico Seed Exchange
New Economic Development Center (Old Anton Chico School)
Anton Chico, New Mexico

Tuesday, March 10, 4 -7pm

Santa Fe Seed Exchange.
with Home Grown New Mexico and
City of Santa Fe Parks Division
Frenchy’s Field Barn,
2001 Agua Fria,
Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Friday and Saturday, March 20 – 21, 10 – 5pm
Silver City Garden Expo
with Silver City Farmers Market
Grant County Conference Center
Silver City, New Mexico

Sunday, March 22
Gila Seed Keepers Gathering
Gila, New Mexico

Monday, March 23

Patagonia Seed Gathering
Patagonia, AZ
More info coming soon!

Tuesday, March 24
Tour of Yuma Seed Culture
On the streets of industrial lettuce and onion seed
Yuma, AZ

Wednesday, March 25

San Diego/Tijuana Seed Tour
San Diego, California
More info coming soon!

Thursday, March 26

A Thousand Plates Event and Panel Discussion
SDSU Downtown Gallery
San Diego, California
More info coming soon!

Friday and Saturday, April 10 - 11
Aztec Seedsavers
Aztec, New Mexico 
More info coming soon!

Saturday, April 11, 6 - 9pm
Annual Hoedown
Montezuma School to Farm Project
Mancos Opera House
Mancos, Colorado

Sunday, April 12, 12 - 3pm
Mancos Seed Exchange
Mancos Seed Library,
Mancos, Colorado
April 27 – June 27
SeedBroadcast |UN|silo|ED|
Santa Fe Art Institute Food Justice Residency
Santa Fe University of Art and Design,
1600 Saint Michaels Drive,
Santa Fe, New Mexico
More info coming soon!

May 3 – 6
National Seed Library Forum/Conference
Tucson, Arizona
More info coming soon!

Saturday, May 23, 1-3pm
March against Monsanto
Tiguex Park in Albuquerque Old Town
Organized by March Against Monsanto
Albuquerque (MAMABQ) & GMO-FREE New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Seed Story Broadcast! You can listen to more Seed Stories at:

Isaura Andaluz talks about her love of stories and the relationship between bees and seeds. She also spoke about her work with Cuatro Puertas and the creation of the Arid Crops Seed Cache, as well as the issues of chile politics in New Mexico.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

SeedBroadcast Report for 2014

“It is not enough to save heritage seeds.

The culture of those people to whom each seed belongs must be kept alive along with seeds and their cultivation.

Not in freezers or museums

But in their own soil and our daily lives.”

- Martín Prechtel. The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic

People and seeds have long been intertwined in a complex field of relations. Throughout history plants have cycled from seed to seed and humans have interjected their desire to be a part of this process, selecting, storing, and growing out these plants year after year for millennia. This relationship was fed with an intention towards care and resiliency, to nurture not only people, but also a polyculture community of the familiar and an intentional community of plants, animals, humans, among the earth. Relatively recently this intention has shifted towards engineering botanical processes to build mono-agricultural empires, create populations of dependent passivity, and dominate the more than human.

Compartiendo Semillas en Anton Chico Program and prayers for rain

Since 2011, SeedBroadcast has been examining these territories through performative engagements as artists, farmers, gardeners, teachers, and collective operatives, while rethinking the term agri-Culture. Project concepts and methodologies are founded in a space of the grassroots, where culture, creativity, collaboration, and agency are coupled with open/free-source processes, seeds, agro-ecology, rhizomatic networks, and most importantly the relationships and stories that bring these all together.

During 2014 programming, SeedBroadcast initiated Seed Story Workshops and SWAP. These two new projects grew with local, regional, and national partners to extend the reach of Seed Story Broadcasting potential, while facilitating the active participation of communities from the inside out. SeedBroadcast also continued to engage local and regional agri-Culture and seeds through the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station (MSSBS) as it traveled across New Mexico and Southern Colorado. The SeedBroadcast agri-Culture Journal grew tremendously in 2014, with Spring and Autumn editions which brought together seed wisdom from backyards, gardens, and farms locally and globally. It was a year of wisdom, support, and action, globa-locally!

The Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station (MSSBS) spent 2014 in partnership with regional seed libraries, farmers, gardeners, schools, and at public events recording and broadcasting seed stories, sharing resources, pollinating open-source seed networks, and blogging from the field. The blogging is instrumental in reporting these events and honoring the efforts of these communities and individuals in their food and seed sovereignty efforts. This is also the first platform for broadcasting Seed Stories. Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station (MSSBS) Blog can be found at:

Anton Chico seed keepers, Marianita and Pat, share seeds and stories at the 2014 Compartiendo las Semillas en Anton Chico, which Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm, SeedBroadcast, and Pearl Maestas co-founded in 2013.
Smuggling tactics for sharing tomato seeds internationally: stash them inside a vellum tablet for architects and ship via postal service to nourish a global/grassroots seed network.

The 2014 regional MSSBS tour took us to seed exchanges, seed libraries, agri-Cultural gatherings, and out to peoples’ farms and gardens across New Mexico and Southern Colorado. We partnered with organizations and individuals to present the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station where we distributed open-pollinated seeds, recorded seed stories, and broadcast seed stories. Locations included, our home base of Anton Chico, as well as, Mora, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Tucson, Mancos, Dolores, Ridgway, Telluride, and Westcliff. Throughout these travels, we met people from all walks of life and all ages excited about the creative capacity of seed stories and interested in cultivating seed stories in their own lives and communities. Here are some images and seed stories from our 2014 Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station Tour.

SeedBroadcasting at the Albuquerque Premiere of Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds, a feature film that we are in.
MSSBS at University of New Mexico Earth Day Celebration and Sustainability Expo, broadcasting and recording Seed Stories. Albuquerque, NM.
MSSBS at Santa Fe Public Schools Special Planting Day at New Mexico Land Office where students gathered seeds, listened to seed stories, recorded seed stories, and contributed to the Seed Story Bulletin Board with fantastic seed drawings inside the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station. Santa Fe, NM.
MSSBS partnered up with the very first Public Seed Library in New Mexico to celebrate and shout-out their opening! ABC Seed Library at Juan Tabo Public Library, where librarian Brita Sauer has been building seed saving capacity across the Albuquerque Public Library System. We shared our MSSBS resources, broadcast and recorded seed stories, and shared seeds. Albuquerque, NM.
MSSBS at the Montezuma School to Farm at Dolores Elementary School sharing seeds, seed stories, and seed saving inspiration. Dolores, CO.

Here are some selected Seed Stories from the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting 2014 Tour. You can also find more Seed Stories online at:

In early 2014, we were invited to present SeedBroadcast at Luna Community College in Las Vegas, NM. This opportunity allowed us to explore yet another collaborative and generative Seed Story process where we cultivated group conversations around seeds and seed stories. This led to the fruition of Seed Story Workshops. We were invited by New Mexico Land Office and Santa Fe Public Schools, the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, Institute of American Indian Arts, and Native Seed/SEARCH to lead Seed Story Workshops with their students and programs.

Seed Story workshops are an expansive frame for building capacity through collaboration and solidarity, while enabling others to learn how to reach out into their communities to support seed stories. During these workshops we share the SeedBroadcast video, Letter from a SeedBroadcaster, and Seed Stories we have recorded. We then circle round for conversations about Seed Stories. After this, we have participants go through a series of creative exercises, writing, drawing, and telling stories. Then at the end, participants record each others’ stories and share them back with the group. This very simple, yet profound work has led to several expansive collaborations across the country and world, from New Mexico to Arizona, and Cleveland, Ohio to India. It has also opened up a deep partnership with the Institute of American Indian Arts to assist in the creation of their community Seed Story Library.

Here is a Seed Story of Listening and Thanks by Elizabeth Pantoha from our Seed Story Workshop at Native Seed/SEARCH:

Another of SeedBroadcast’s various dispersal, broadcasting, and collaborative tactics is the bi-annual SeedBroadcast agri-Culture Journal, a newspaper we cultivate, print, and distribute throughout the year. The intention of this journal is to activate a forum of exchange to intensify the discourse around seeds, food, and grassroots action. Contributors include farmers, gardeners, activists, artists, cooks, educators, and others concerned with the state of seeds and food. In 2014 we printed 7000 copies of the Spring and Autumn editions and distributed these freely around New Mexico through the MSSBS and through contributors. We also share these as downloadable pdf’s on our website at:

Finding ways to build collaborative partnerships beyond our region has led us to a new experimental platform called SWAP. The kick-off for this project occurred in the heart of corn country, in Iowa. It was in partnership with an organization called Exuberant Politics and directed by local farmer and artist, Carolyn Scherf. SWAP shared the technological Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station structure as an experimental pop-up “grow-kit” to interrogate agri-Culture and local issues. Local community members used it to record seed stories, bring awareness to issues of GMO, pesticide drift, seed saving, and help inspire local open-source networks. Events took place in Iowa City, Decorah, Ely, and Cedar Rapids. Carolyn blogged from the SeedBroadcast social media network and she sent raw Seed Story recordings back to us in New Mexico to edit and broadcast.

Here is one of the Seed Stories from Laura Krause talking about the challenges of producing open-pollinated, organic corn seed in GMO laden cornbelt.

SeedBroadcast Media Platforms:

We had tremendous growth in 2014. Here is a list of our 2014 Partners...and many apologies if we forgot anyone! Please let us know!

ABC Seed Library, Juan Tabo Public Library, Albuquerque, NM
Albuquerque BioPark, Albuquerque, NM
Earth Day Santa Fe, NM
Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm, Anton Chico, NM
Gaia Gardens, Santa Fe, NM
Guadalupe County Extension Service, NM
Guild Cinema, Albuquerque, NM
Homegrown Santa Fe, NM
Institute of American Indian Arts, NM
Luna Community College, Las Vegas, NM
Mora Seed Library, Mora, NM
New Mexico Acequia Association, NM
New Mexico Land Office, Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Children’s Museum, NM
Santa Fe Public Schools, NM
Santa Rosa NRCS, NM
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
UNM Sustainabilities Program, Albuquerque, NM
Mancos Seed Library, Mancos, CO
Montezuma School to Farm, Dolores, CO
Ridgway Seed Library, Ridgeway, CO
Southwest Institute for ResiLience (SWIRL), Telluride, CO
Telluride Institute, CO
Telluride MountainFilm, CO
Westcliff Seed Library, Westcliff, CO
Hummingbird Project, Cleveland, Ohio
Native Seed/SEARCH, Tucson, AZ
Carolyn Scherf, Iowa
Exuberant Politics, Iowa City, Iowa
Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Public Space One, Iowa City, Iowa
Seed Savers Exchange, Decorah, Iowa

2014-15 Press
Cindy Conner, Seed Libraries and other means of keeping seeds in the HANDS of the PEOPLE, New Society Publishers, BC, Canada, 2014
Elizabeth Shores, “Art and Ecology,” Edible – Food as Art, Issue 36, Feb/March 2015.
Jeanette Hart-Mann, “SeedBroadcast Featured at MountainFilm Ice Cream Social,” TellurideInside.
May 17, 2014.
Jeanette Hart-Mann and Chrissie Orr, “SeedBroadcast,” Here, La Frontera/Borderlands, 2014.
Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds. Sean Kaminsky. Open Pollinated Productions, 2014. Feature
Renata Christen, “Seed Libraries in Iowa,” The Heritage Farm Companion, Summer 2014.
Seth Cagin. “The SeedBroadcast Project Promotes Deeper Awareness of Seeds.” The
Watch, Vol. 18 No. 21, May 22, 2014.
Tom Yoder, The Zine, KSJD Dryland Community Radio. May 22, 2014. Radio Interview.

We thank everyone we work with and met for this amazing year of SeedBroadcasting....stay tuned for our 2015 Schedule coming very very soon!

“Seeds are the memory of life. They have their own stories and those stories have to be told every year so they do not get forgotten.” - Isaura Andaluz.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


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With the increasing demands for SEED Action now, we need help to ensure that our 2015 Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station Tour, the SeedBroadcast agri-Culture Journal, and our 2015 Residency project, |UN|silo|ED|, at the Santa Fe Art Institute Food Justice Program will have the capacity to dig deep, sprout tall, and shout out Seed Stories across the land.

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