Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rocky Mountain SeedBroadcasting

Join us for SeedBroadcasting from Rocky Mountains!

Here is our Rocky Mountain Tour schedule to date, with more events TBA soon. Please check our event schedule for updated dates, times, and places.

Mancos Seed Library,
Mancos, Colorado
May 22,  9 - 11am

Montezuma School to Farm Project,
Dolores, Colorado
May 22, 11 - 2pm

Ridgway Seed Library
Ridgway, Colorado
May 23, 10 - 2pm

Telluride MoutainFilm Ice Cream Social and Farmers Market
Telluride, Colorado
May 24 from 1 - 5pm

Telluride Strong House Parking Lot
Telluride, Colorado
May 25

Telluride MountainFilm Kidz Kino at the Palm
Telluride, Colorado
May 26, 9 - 1pm

We invite you to join us in SeedBroadcasting and celebrate the local genius of seeds.

Share and listen to stories about seed saving, gardening, farming, and local food desires. Explore the Seed Resources bulletin board, copy center, library, and interactive multi-media workstation, free and open for everyone to use.

Bring SEEDS To SWAP and share YOUR Seed stories

SeedBroadcast and the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station is a collaborative project exploring grassroots food action and seed sovereignty. We travel near and far to pollinate the culture of agri-Culture by broadcasting local seed stories through audio interviews, while networking and distributing do-it-together-how-to resources.

Keep posted to our blogsite for a schedule of upcoming events and resources:

Seed Stories:



Phone: 505-718-4511

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