Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mancos Seed Library.

Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station at the Mancos Public Library.

A few weeks ago SeedBroadcast received this email  "We would LOVE to host you in the southwest Colorado. I help organize a Seed Library in Mancos and am connected with Seed Savers in Durango and Cortez as well. We just hosted a series of seed saving workshops and a seed swap in Mancos with great support from our community. Please let me know if you all can stop through our area! We would love to have you!!"   How could we refuse this invitation?  So on the evening of May 21st we rolled in to Mancos for the beginning of the SeedBroadcast Rocky Mountain tour.

Seed Library area

The Mancos Seed Library  was started three years ago by Margaret (Midge) Kirk. At that time Midge was the librarian at the small town library and a friend mentioned an NPR program she had heard about the sprouting of seed libraries around the nation.  Midge jumped at the opportunity and quickly took on learning as much as she could to put this into action. It started small and eventually Midge moved on from her position at the library.  It is now run by two young dedicated women, Gretchen Groenke and Ingrid Lincoln.  Gretchen is a Promtora de Salud, Community Health Organizer, (it was Gretchen who sent the email) and Ingrid is a seed lover who was inspired by working with a seed company a few years back.  They have revitalized the seed library with their passionate commitment, donations of local seeds and by holding a series of workshops to educate the community on the importance of local seed saving practices. The workshops have filled to capacity which indicates a growing interest in seed saving in the Mancos community.

 The Mancos area has always been an agricultural area and provided food and timber for the mining camps.  The population has been changing and growing with the influx of young families moving to the area to investigate and experiment in the growing organic food. At an altitude of 7,000 ft it is a short growing season and the gardeners and farmers we met mentioned searching for high altitude strains of seeds.  Ingrid saves and is growing out a variety of bean called the Rio Zape

Mancos Public Library bee hive with bear protection!
In these times of change it is inspiring to be in the presence of such dedicated, thoughtful, caring young people who are living their dreams to protect our planet.  Thank you all for hosting us in Mancos and for leading the way to new future.
Please take a little time and listen to their seeds stories 
and if you are in the area support the Seed Library!

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