Friday, May 23, 2014

Dolores School Garden SeedBroadcasting

On May 22nd, SeedBroadcast swung by the Dolores Elementary school for their year end picnic and celebration of their school garden.

Supported through the Montezuma School to Farm Project the garden is used for integrative education to supplement the learning environment of students, while also teaching kids the importance of gardens, seeds, and healthy food. Here are some images from the garden...

The Garden project is facilitated by Megan Tallmadge, along with Americorp interns and community volunteers who help run the garden and its outreach programs. Even though the Garden project is discrete, it is a part of a much larger movement in the region which has deep and historic agricultural roots, from Ancestral Puebloans to current market growers and producers.

During the afternoon students stopped by the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station to pick up seeds, listen to seed stories, and tell us why they loved their school garden. The enthusiasm for growing a garden was evident when these kids selected what seeds they wanted to take home for summer break to make their own garden.

The students had worked hard along with Garden project to save seeds, start seeds, transplant, paint pots, make tea blends, and draw the best original art seed packs ever! These items were all for sale with proceeds returning to the Garden project to support next years programming.

The Dolores School Garden project has dreams to grow and keep growing. Networked through the local Montezuma School to Farm Project, it and others like it, will continue to inspire more schools in the region to develop gardens and encourage hands-on learning, creativity, and the cultivation of vital skills to keep this local community healthy and nourished.

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