Saturday, May 10, 2014

Home/ Earth Day Santa Fe.

Wise Fool Parade

The Day of HOME Earth Day in Santa Fe the Mobile SeedBroadcasting Station decided that it wanted to stay at home.  We had some trouble with the truck on the way to Native Seed/SEARCH in Tucson, had the starter motor replaced by some amazingly kind mechanics in Las Cruces, struggled for the rest of the journey when sometimes it would start and sometimes it would not and realized the mechanical gremlins had invaded.  It was a mystery.  We did make it home but on April 26th the truck decided it was not going to leave.   Websters Dictionary defines home as: "An environment offering security and happiness. A valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin." So it is understandable!

Earth Day Pageant

 However many others did leave the security of their home base to join in the  Earth Day celebrations  at the Santa Fe Railyard park. This years event  considered the theme of Home in respect to our individual homes but also our collective home of the planet earth!  Grietje Laga from Arts of Nature,, Amy Christian of Wise Fool New Mexico and the Railyard Stewards  were the main visionaries and these intrepid believers in Earth Justice worked tirelessly for a year to activate this community gathering and exchange.
The day was launched with a Wise Fool inspired parade featuring giant puppets, stilt-walkers,  masked kids and samba band. The parade started at the Sambusco Center meandered its way through the Railyard and kicked off the events with a dramatic entry into the Railyard park.  This community day brought together over forty local organizations that provided information on anything from bee keeping  to radical home-making, from keeping ducks and chickens, to solar oven baking. There were workshops on environmental topics, demonstrations of practical sustainable practices to be implemented at home or the work place, seed saving and of course a Pete Seegar community sing-a-long and baby goats.

Sangre De Cristo Beekeepers.

Seeds from the Santa Fe Community College Culinary Arts garden

Poki from Gaia Gardens with his friend.

Luckily the predicted gale force winds held off until the middle of the afternoon and the wonderful Poki and Dominique of Gaia Gardens shared their home booth with  SeedBroadcast so we could still share our seed stories. (Scroll down to listen).
This was an inspiring day of exchange, creative conversation and provided practical examples of how we can live with a deeper reverance to our collective Home, the planet earth.

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