Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Seeds We Trust/ Green Revolution at Tempe Center for the Arts.

Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station at Tempe Center for the Arts.

The last stop for SeedBroadcast in the Tucson/ Phoenix area was to the Tempe Center for the Arts where we had been invited by "In Seeds We Trust", a project by the artists Laurie Lundquist and Joan Baron  The "In Seeds We Trust" installation was created in response to a call for local artists to be part of the Green Revolution exhibit.  Green Revolution is an eco-friendly, green-themed exhibition that engages visitors by addressing critical environmental issues concerning the local community. This version of Green Revolution is based on an exhibition originally created by the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and its Black Creativity Council and was made available by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service.  This exhibit will continue until May 25th and we recommend, if you are in the area, to check it out.   Laurie is a sculptor and environmental artist with deep interests in both the natural and engineered systems at work in the urban landscape and Joan is a ceramist turned muti-media artist and both are avid gardeners. 
In Seeds We Trust installation.
Laurie and Joan filled recycled plastic water bottles with a variety of open pollinated seeds, an instruction sheet on how to plant and tend these seeds and a call out to post information on the status of the seeds on the "In Seeds We Trust" facebook page.  The bottles are installed in the reflection pool at the entrance to the center.
 Listen to Laurie and Joan share their seed stories:
When SeedBroadcast joined Laurie and Joan at their installation it was a warm, gentle spring evening. Our visitors took their time to explore the truck, talk about the importance of saving seeds,  and to ask questions. Thank you to Laurie and Joan for inviting us and to Anthony, Paris and Corey from Gardenfly,who came to spend time and to share their stories with us.
Ed Lebow Public Art Director for Phoenix

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