Sunday, April 7, 2013

Compartiendo Semillas en Anton Chico

SeedBroadcast and the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station participated in the 1st annual Compartiendo Semillas en Anton Chico, New Mexico last Saturday, April 6.

Pat Miner sharing seeds with local families
Many people from throughout the valley attended to listen to presentations about gardening, hoop houses, bee keeping, seed saving, and the local farmers' market, eat lunch together, and swap seeds. Presentations were given by local community members Paul Sandaval, Rodney Loewen, Nick Maestas, Fodder Project/SeedBroadcast, and Roxanne Despain.

Hoop house plans and information from Nick Maestas
A fantastic lunch of beans, red chile, chicos, blue corn tortillas, and sopa, was organized and cooked in the home kitchens of Marietta Sullivan, Terry Romero, Belle Sullivan, and Elaine Montano. Everyone greatly appreciated this local and delicious food. Terry also contributed several of her home cooked recipes, giving copies away to everyone.

Richard Montano could not attend the event, but created this visual example of his 2012 garden and the seeds he saved.

Many participants discussed the importance of growing local food and saving seeds. Delfinio and Marienetta Valesquez talked about personal and community connections to gardening and the importance for health and deep relations with the land. Delfinio pointed to the concha corn, a long season, stout white corn used for chicos and declared its essential relationship to local cultural heritage.

Belle Sullivan's Torpedo Winter Squash Seeds

This event brought together an inspiring group of people sharing stories and a desire to keep, seeds, and community.

Anton Chico is the home-base for SeedBroadcast and we look forward to supporting the farms and gardens of all the folks we met.  Have a tremendous year of gardening, farming, and sharing food and seeds. Keep the water dreams alive, and we will see you all soon!

Thank you to Pearl Maestas, Guadalupe Soil and Water Conservation District and Guadalupe Extension Service for organizing and supporting this community effort!

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