Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seed Stories from Feast on the Street!

Rachel Linden of GMO Free Arizona tells a story from Walter Ritte in Hawaii, of tearing up the patent papers of family and reuniting a kinship with brother taro.

Citlaxochitl Enrique talks about a gift of hopi blue corn seed and her plans to grow this to make food for her family; including the best blue corn mush for her baby.

Sarah Grumbley talks about the Valley Permaculture Alliance Seed Library.

Maggie Leininger shares her project called Weaving the Whole 9 Yards, which investigates cotton and weaving production processes to re-envision an ecologic tapestry in the land, materials, and people of cotton.

Vynnie McDaniels of the Valley Permaculture Alliance and the community gleaner network called Garden Fly, shares a seed story from his garden, while encouraging everyone to see gardens and gardening everywhere in their lives.

Ian Kerstetter shares a seed story about a project he has been working on with a group of fellow students within the UNM Art and Ecology course called Creating Change.

Ariane Glazer talks about Horny Toad Farm, in Phoenix, AZ where she works. She also encourages everyone to support small, local family farms and COOK MORE!

Lorna Henry shares her dream of finding original seeds and starting the Garden Club Village for young women

Judy Newland shares her seed story of being a textile artist and collecting natural pigment materials from the earth and creating sustainable, non-toxic dyes for her projects.

Liesl, with the help of her friends, Sarah and Nicole, shares the story of her father,'s tomatoes and the Wall of water!

Monika Woolsey, from Phoenix talks about her work with Hipveggies.

Thank you all for sharing your seed stories!

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