Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seed Story from Bob Fies, Taos, New Mexico

Seed Broadcaster, Jeanette Hart-Mann, recording Bob Fies' seed story

One of the people who stopped by to share a seed story with us while we were in Taos was Bob Fies. For the past seven years Bob, a retired physician, has been the owner and caretaker for the Arroyo Hondo property on which the historic New Buffalo commune was established. Although he was not involved in the founding of the commune in 1967, Bob shared a deeply moving story of gratitude for the generosity and compassion that local Pueblo and Hispanic people bestowed upon the young back-to-the-landers - sharing the necessary skills for building shelter and growing food in this challenging environment.

Since acquiring the New Buffalo property, Bob has supervised preserving, restoring and making sustainable the main building, planting hundreds of native trees and restoring the land. On Sunday, we followed up on his invitation to visit the property and spent the morning with him as he shared the history of this unique place, as well as his recent efforts to develop the New Buffalo Center into a place that will continue to serve as a center for connecting, learning, and creativity.

Bob Fies and Seed Broadcasters at the New Buffalo Center

View of the newly completed passive-solar greenhouse

Inside the restored sunken round room at the heart of the original structure

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