Monday, October 29, 2012

Dixon Elementary School Visit

 Early on the morning of Monday October 29th, with the air still chilly from low overnight temperatures, students, teachers and parents from Dixon Elementary School arrived on mass to the Taos Center for the Arts to take part in SEED4

Aaliyah Sanchez at the seed drawing station.

 From the beginning, experiential education has been an essential component of the show. At SEED exhibitions visitors are encouraged not only to look at artwork inspired by the seed but also to engage in hands-on learning about the remarkable lives of seeds and their utmost importance in our lives. The SEED Exploratorium, is an entire room with new displays every year dedicated to engaging all five senses, so that understanding can be synthesized in multiple ways. This year SEED 4 Exploratorium highlighted the theme “Seed to Food”. The "seedettes" a group of four incredible women who organize SEED every year put allot of their energies into arranging field trips for local schools and the Dixon group,of kindergarten Ist and 2nd graders, were to be the last group before the closing of the exhibition.

Benjamin Gonzales with his seed story.

Denim Padberg  sharing his seed drawing.
 Katie Woodall, a seedette, skillfully gathered the group outside the exhibition space and introduced everyone to the various areas of activity, the exhibition, the exploratorium and the SeedBroadcast mobile station.  SeedBroadcast provided a creative seed drawing station, where the students could look at seeds through lenses and make drawings to place on the seed wall in the broadcast unit. Inside the unit they investigated the Ipods to discover seed videos, seed story interviews, and looked at the seed books. In preparation for this visit, their teacher Eva Behrens, had the students create their own seed stories so they could be recorded. When each student felt ready and confident we introduced them to the recording equipment, did sound tests and then asked them to tell us their stories. Here are a selection.  Eva will continue to record other stories back in her classroom as as we receive these they will be  added to the seeds story library.  Thank you so much students for being so courageous in sharing your stories with us. 

Investigating ipods in the mobile broadcasting unit.

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