Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station and Seed Stories from Taos, New Mexico

Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting and the Creative Seed Drawing Station in Taos, New Mexico.

SeedBroadcast hosted the Seed Story Broadcasting Station outside the Stables Gallery, at the Taos Center for the Arts, during the final weekend of the Seed 4 exhibition. Broadcasting in the public parking lot between the gallery, the Taos Auditorium, the main strip, and Kit Carson State Park, many passerby's stopped by to see what was going on. While the station played seed stories over the outside loud speakers to the Taoseno environs, people were encouraged to explore the resources in the Station and make drawings of favorite seeds and plants to be posted on the bulletin board inside the van.

SeedBroadcaster, Chrissie Orr, watches as a Seed Story picture is drawn.

Many people came by to share seed stories from the Taos area, as well as from distant homes. Conversations arose over local seed security, a concern many local growers have that their rights as food producers and seed savers will be compromised if resources such as seeds and water become controlled by the proprietary interests of corporations and governments.

Watching the video Seeds of Freedom inside the Mobile Broadcasting Station.

During the afternoon, Greg Nussbaum, along with a young student from Camino De Paz, stopped by after their morning selling produce at the Taos Farmers' Market. Greg, the Camino De Paz's Farm Director, shared information about their amazing school, located outside of Santa Cruz, NM. It is a farm-based middle school, which integrates hands-on working experiences of living on a farm with applied learning in the fields of "sustainable living practices, traditional arts and crafts, ecology and environmental education." Asking the question...what if public education looked like this?

We asked those we met if there was a Taos seed swap, seed library, or informal seed sharing organization, and no one seemed to know of any....although everyone seemed to think it was a grand idea. Perhaps folks we met over the weekend would be interested in working together to organize one? If you would be interested in getting involved with this please email us and we will try to get everyone in touch.

Looking at corn From Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm and sharing some seeds.

Miguel Santisevan, a local farmer and teacher we spoke to via email, said he has been working on a seed library for several years. Its goal is to increase local seed stock among area farmers. Even though this seed library is not a public resource at this time, he encourages people to contact him to find out more about the agricultural projects their farm is undertaking. In the future, they hope to build seed networks among local farmers, and provide seed saving, cleaning, and processing workshops. You can find out more about their projects and contact Miguel at:

Taos Seed Stories are now being broadcast!
Here are the Seed Stories from people we met over the weekend. Thank you all for sharing these wonderful stories.

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  1. Nice to read about Miguel Santisevan, whose goal is to increase local seed storage among farmers of his area. Thanks for the share.