Thursday, March 12, 2015

SeedBroadcast: Food Justice Residents at Santa Fe Art Institute



SeedBroadcast//Food Justice at Santa Fe Art Institute

SeedBroadcast will be in residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute from April 27 – June 27, 2015 during the SFAI Food Justice Program. We would like to invite you to collaborate on a project we are calling |UN|silo|ED|. This project will map a diversity of issues surrounding Food Justice in parallel with different creative engagement processes. Our intention for this project is to tease out the relationships across disciplines of creative practices (i.e. farming, activist, policy making, artists, gardening, etc) while also taking a wide view of the many Food Justice issues facing our region and world. This project will be in process in the SFAI Lumpkin room from April 27 – June 27 and will animate several community conversations around Food Justice and creative action.

Call for Collaboration

How you can collaborate…

Please send us materials from your creative food justice projects.
  1. Documents from your project processes and/or final project materials. Theses may include printable materials that we can pin up to the walls such as photographs, posters, drawings, notes, pamphlets, etc, and even small objects that can hang or rest on the wall. Please do not send original work.
  2. Documents from your process which describe the who, what, why, where of your project.
  3. A completed survey about your creative process….contact us and we will send you one to fill out.
Print quality materials can be sent to us via drop box at:

Or you can mail these to:
SeedBroadcast UN|SILO|ED
Po Box 126
Anton Chico, NM 87711

Please be sure to label all your participating materials so we know who/what to credit! We will not be returning any of these materials, so please do not send originals. We will archive all these materials with the hope of presenting this work again in the future.

Also....We would love to conduct an audio interview with you about your project and process. All audio interviews will be playing in the SFAI Lumpkin room.

Participate in community conversations! If you are available, we would love for you to be a part of the community conversations about Food Justice and Creative Practices.

If you are in Santa Fe during this time, give us a holler and come by to participate in the mapping process!

Please contact SeedBroadcast for more information!
Jeanette Hart-Mann and Chrissie Orr at
Or call – 505-718-4511

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