Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 Compartiendo las Semillas en Anton Chico

The third annual Anton Chico Seed Swap was a round-table success. It was organized to be informal and fun, while giving people plenty of time to explore all the local open-pollinated seed varieties and build conversation around seed saving, planting, and how to grow the best food for our communities.

The event was held at the old school or new Anton Chico Economic Development Center recently converted to encourage local business start-ups. Local seed keepers Pat and Merle along with SeedBroadcast’s own seed keepers, Jeanette Hart-Mann and Bill Mann from Fodder Project CRF, brought seeds to exchange and share with others. Folks came from Las Vegas, Cimarron, Guadalupita, and even Pueblo, Colorado to pick up seeds for the upcoming spring planting. Seed varieties included many different flowers, beans, corn, squash, sorghum, melons, tomatoes, chile, onions, and other grains and herbs.

Many said this was their first time at a seed exchange and they wondered what to do… Here are some thoughts on how to make the most of your first Seed Swap. First step is to bring the whole family. There is sure to be something for everyone. Second, bring seeds you have saved and wish to share with others. (Although if you have not yet tried to save seeds this will be your lucky year!) Third, browse through all the seed varieties and select types that you love to grow AND love to eat. Forth, meet other gardeners and seed savers and discover the world of Seed Stories! Share stories about seeds, seed saving, and the empowering movement to grow seed to seed, while nourishing people, pollinators, and plants. Fifth, select the seeds and take only what you need, leaving plenty of seed for others.

And finally, take your seeds home and plant them when the season is ripe. If this is your first time saving seeds, start with one easy annual type, like beans. There are many free seed saving sources that can be found online and we have compiled many of these on our blog at:
Seed Resources:

Read about seed saving, talk to other seed savers, and of course watch and learn from the best teachers, the plants, pollinators, and your own personal hands-on experience. Saving seeds is easy and extremely enriching as a learning process and empowering as a deeply rooted and literally growing relationship between plants and people. What an amazing world it opens up!

During the days events and as an added bonus, NMSU, the Guadalupe Co. Extension, and Anton Chico Economic Development Center worked together to build a demonstration hoop house. This structure will remain at the Economic Development site and will be used by local growers to extend growing capacity from early spring to late fall.

SeedBroadcast and Fodder Project CRF thanks everyone who came to share seeds, stories and inspiration for a bountiful year of gardening and farming! Keep in touch and let us know how it grows.

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