Monday, April 28, 2014

SeedBroadcasting from Lobo Growers Market and UNM Sustainability Expo

UNM Cornell Mall on Earth Day

SeedBroadcast partnered up with University of New Mexico Lobo Growers Market and Sustainability Expo for a celebration of Earth Day and the seeds that grow Earth. Located on Cornell Mall on the main campus of University of New Mexico, this gathering was organized by the Sustainability Studies Program and brought together the Lobo Growers Market, food trucks, and a variety of local organizations dedicated to healthy and vibrant communities in common with resilient environments.

Spring greens and beets

Farmers and gardeners are just beginning spring harvest and they were at the Lobo Growers Market selling salad and braising greens along with root crops and summer transplants. There was much talk of the season ahead and the gardening optimism for an abundant and successful year to come.

Red Tractor Farm had a dozen varieties of tomatoes for sale
Juan selling greens at Los Jardines Institute growers stand.

Diverse organizations were present to inspire ecologic and caring relationships among people, plants, animals, resources, and wisdom. Implementing art and creativity, healing and learning, empowerment and action, good food and community the Sustainability Expo offered a truly public space for the celebration of Earth Day. As the University commons demonstrated people from all walks of life participated.

Seed Balls
RAICES Remembering Ancestors-Inspiring Culture-Empowering Self
SEEDS: A Collective Voice, Communty Seed Mural

At the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station folks came by to listen to seed stories, copy seed saving information, pick up seeds from our seed library, and talk about seeds and why they matter so much.

A group of elementary students from Monte Vista Elementary showed up to take a closer look at seeds and help draw pictures to add to the seed story bulletin board. One young student demonstrated the goggled eye approach to having fun while learning.

Here are several seed stories from some awesome, inspiring, and gracious growers of the seed revolution.

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