Friday, April 18, 2014

Don't Forget the wild and native seeds and plants!

Tory Taylor from Montezuma, New Mexico and Dubois, Wyoming gave us this seed story to remember:

Don't forget the wild and native seeds and plants! Domestic plants are fine, but there are many wild plants which can compliment and suppliment your diet. The wild plants often grow themselves; people don't need to till, weed, and water - just harvest in season! Wild Rose Hip Tea, Dandelion, Lamb's Quarter, Cota, Dock, and many, many other wild plants grow themselves.

My favorite salad green, wild or domestic, is mountain sorrel.  To me a dandelion in not a weed to be dug out or sprayed with poison, but is a wonderful salad green and roasted root coffee.

Consider educating yourself about wild and native plants. This will broaden your eating and harvesting experience and make you a better gardener.

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