Friday, October 4, 2013

SeedBroadcasting at Gathering for Mother Earth

Gathering for Mother Earth - Photo: Andre Liptay

SeedBroadcast spent the fall equinox at Pojoaque Pueblo and the Gathering for Mother Earth. This event was organized by the Tewa Women United to bring people from all walks of life together to discuss, practice, and give thanks to the generosity of the earth, while encouraging healthy, vibrant, and empowered communities.

The grounds were filled with informational booths, traditional healers, artists, musicians, solar oven gurus, workshops, and a communal kitchen with free delicious food. We were invited to join in the festivities and bring out the more seedy side of people.

Land Arts Students help set up the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station

Land Arts of the American West students joined us as project collaborators, hosting the seed SWAP table, recording seed stories, facilitating the interior library of the van, and adding good cheer and humor. Students jumped right in and helped visitors look at seeds, find information, and most importantly share a genuine conversation about seeds, food, farming, gardening, and creativity. They also walked around the event and recorded some amazing seed stories.

Land Arts student, Randal Romwalter, shares seeds with visistors.
Seed SWAP table.

Many visitors stopped by to use the free-source copy center and take home seed saving and seed organizing information. Also people sat and listened to seed stories inside the Broadcasting Station. But the main attraction were the seeds.....those tiny gems of vibrant possibilities.

These seeds come from SeedBroadcaster - Jeanette Hart-Mann's - family farm, Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm in Anton Chico, NM. They are presented on the seed SWAP table and offered free for anyone to take home. Even though the planting season is almost over for most folks in and around Pojoaque, people were thrilled with a gift of seeds, sparking dreams for next years garden. 

This gift might seem like a one-way transaction, from SeedBroadcast to participants. But there is a mighty string of responsibility attached..... a promise to plant the seed, to grow the food, to grow some seed, and share this with others.

Land Arts student Liz Shores with a visitor inside the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station

Land Arts students Chitra Sangtani and Emily Gonzales record Jennie Luna's Seed Story

Thank you Tewa Women United for inviting us to this wonderful event and thank you to all who came by to visit with us and share seed stories. Visit our Seed Story Broadcast to listen to these and many other Seed Stories.

Good luck to all who gathered and took home seeds. Let us know how you grow together!

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