Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gathering for Mother Earth, Seed Stories.

These stories were shared with us at the 2013 Gathering for Mother Earth organized by Tewa Women United.
Thank you everyone who took the time to tell us your story.

Gus Johnson shares a seed story about growing and sharing Seminole Hanging Pumpkins.

Jennie Luna shares a seed story about amaranth.

Jerermy Wright shares a seed story about generosity, patience, listening and artistry.

Ramos Sanchez shares a seed story about farming, food and community in the old times.

Michele Rozbitsky shares an ancient seed saving project she helped with at Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo.

Judithann Poncho talks about the importance of giving thanks to the plants.

Annie Miller talks about the beans and corn seeds she saved.

Carina Schnieders talks about being a kid and collecting seeds.

Alan Sutherland talks about finding ancient Dixon barley.

Amy Torrez from Chama, New Mexico shares how her family grew and ate potatoes and beans.

Jessica Riggs tells us why she saves her calendula seeds and shares them.

Alix Hudson shares her story of waffle gardening in Zuni Pueblo.

Erick Valdez talks about saving seeds from his spinach and calabacitas.

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