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SWAP at EcoZoic Era: plant|seed|soil

SeedBroadcast is honored to be included in the exhibition The Ecozoic Era: plant|seed|soil from April 29 – August 5, 2016 where we are presenting the project SWAP, a hands-on Seed Story germination grow-kit. SWAP, along with the rest of the exhibition, is located inside the New Mexico State Capital Roundhouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is the perfect site to declare seeds as open-source, non-proprietary bodies and beings who participate in the social and environmental well-being of everyone in our communities. It is also the perfect site for individuals to declare through action, their right to save and share seeds and disrupt the corporate domination of seed, food, agri-Culture, and politics of the few over the many.

SWAP is a pop-up, Seed Story grow-kit where visitors can participate in connecting with seeds and honoring their stories through drawing, reading, conversation, and of course swapping seeds. One can also sit down and listen to Seed Stories on headphones. SeedBroadcast is actively using this space as an ongoing recording studio through the rest of the exhibition to record Seed Stories from all participating artists and local residents.

We are encouraging local folks in Santa Fe to bring open-pollinated seeds to SWAP and pick up seeds to take home and grow. Seeds can be dropped off at SWAP, deposited in one of the many envelopes and jars, and labeled with the seed name. You might even want to add a little Seed Story into the jar so your seeds will have relations to share with whoever takes them home. When picking up seed, take only what you can use and be sure to leave plenty for others. There are empty packets to transfer your seed into.

The table and bulletin board are set up for drawing Seed Stories and posting these along with community Seed information on the tack board. SeedBroadcast agri-Culture Journals are also available for your seedy reading pleasure.

So far thousands of seeds have made their way into the Roundhouse and New Mexico’s political center to take a seat and wield their perfect power of nourishment, wisdom, and generosity. As many will agree, these characteristics are really the roots of radical action today. Seeds are our guides, teaching us how to save seeds, grow food, support healthy community, and share this wealth with others.

Thanks go out to all the seed keepers who brought seeds to share for the opening reception and who continue to bring seeds to be included in SWAP for the duration of the exhibition. We hope this project will encourage Santa Fe to organize a year round seed swap, seed library, or whatever might yet be imagined to share seed.

Here are some Seed Stories recorded at SWAP... with more to come!

Bobbe Besold shares her Seed Story at the Ecozoic Era: plant|seed|soil art exhibition

Marion Wasserman tells a Seed Story about life long relationships with seed

Exhibition detail

We would also like to honor the incredible work in the exhibition encompassing both human and the more-than-human love of land, plant, seed, soil, compost, and more. Here is a list of all the artists involved. And as many of these artists point out on their wall labels, there are many more project partners who made all this work possible, both human and other.

Margaret Bagshaw
Bobbe Besold
Matthew Chase-Daniel
Helen Hardin
Jeanette Hart-Mann
Basia Irland
Courtney M Leonard
Jade Leyva
Amy Lin
Sarah Molina
Sabra Moore
Larry Ogan
Ruben Olguin
Chrissie Orr
Halley Roberts
Ahní Rocheleau
Gabriela Silva
Penny Spring
Nancy Sutor
Rulan Tangen
Pablita Velarde
Marion Wasserman
Jerry Wellman
Rick Yoshimoto

Bobbe Besold is not only an artist in the show, she is also the curator and organizer. The exhibition’s title The Ecozoic Era: plant|seed|soil is informed by the following statement:

“Ecozoic: “eco-“ is derived from the Greek work “oikos” meaning house, household, or home, and “-zoic” from the Greek word “zoikos” meaning pertaining to living beings. The House of Livings Beings. We are all, all of us, living in the same house.”

“This biological term was created by the philosopher, geologian, Earth scholar, Thomas Berry.”

Bobbe Besold, Seed Blocks: for building or for gambling

Jade Leyva, Maíz Azúl

Exhibition detail

Penny Spring, Seeds, Stems, Roots and Shoots, fabric collage

Gabriela Silva, Growing Paper
New Mexico True Blue Corn
New Mexico True Pink Corn
New Mexico Black Beans
New Mexico Pinto Beans
New Mexico Snow Peas
The Three Sisters
handmade paper and seeds
Exhibition detail

Sabra Moore, H/EAR//HER/E

The Ecozoic Era: plant|seed|soil exhibition was sponsored by El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, The NM Capital Art Foundation, the McCune Foundation and dRoberts Realty.

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