Friday, June 5, 2015

SeedBroadcasting from the Celebraćion de Culturas - Estamos Aqui, Peñasco, New Mexico.

Mural Image by Alberto Castagna and Robert Brenden
High Road Community comes together to share traditions.

SeedBroadcast will be at the Celebraćion de Culturas in Peñasco, New Mexico on Saturday June 13th from 10am to 4pm. You will find us at Site I, the Rio Lucio Community Center, 1264 SR75.
Bring a seed story to share and seeds to swap.

Peñasco is one of the largest culturally diverse communities along the "High Road to Taos" scenic route and for the first time ever, people from all parts of the community are coming together to share what makes this place so special. The event runs from Friday evening June 12th through Sunday June 14th 2015.

The weekend kicks off with a dance and music provided by Cipriano Vigil.  Cipriano is a native of near by Chamisal, has a PHD in Ethnomusicology and a life long passion to preserve and share Northern New Mexico music. He has been honored as a Living Treasure.
Friday June 12th, 6pm,  Peñasco Theater.

Poetry readings by Levi Romero , the New Mexico Centennial Poet Laureate. Levi's poems are immersed in the regional manito dialect of Northern New Mexico and have been published internationally.
Saturday June 13th 7pm, Peñasco Theater

Presentations and exhibits of family history, including genealogy, stories and photographs.
Saturday June 13th and Sunday June 14th , 10am- 5pm Peñasco Theater

Throughout the weekend residents of Peñasco and nearby communities will open their homes to demonstrate traditional skills and crafts, such as willow basket weaving, soap making, story telling, retablo painting, wood craving and turning, pottery, posole and chico making, adobe brick making, and plastering, weaving, wool felting, colcha embroidery and much more.

This is a weekend not to miss so please come out and support this vibrant New Mexico community and remember to look out for the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station.  See you there.

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