Thursday, February 20, 2014

GROWING A PUBLIC PRACTICE: Community Visioning with Backyard Abundance

Hey SeedBroadcasters!

This is Carolyn in Ely, making my first post for SeedBroadcast IOWA & Exuberant Politics.

I'm pleased to announce our first organizational collaboration with Backyard Abundance this Sunday, February 23rd, from 2:00-4:00pm at The Iowa City Public Library.

Following up with their 40-person public brainstorm session on February 8th, local environmental educators and eco-viosionarys Backyard Abundance will be dropping their new design for a perennial-based agroforestry system for Iowa City's Wetherby Park and opening up the floor for public opinion and discussion.

We'll be joining in with a short presentation on upcoming opportunities to get involved with SWAP, recording audio Seed Stories, and collecting seeds to be shared through the Mobile SWAP Station (due to arrive from New Mexico next week).

Don't miss out on this visionary public assembly! Come share your localized seed wisdom and discuss the infinite possibilities that emerge when we take our agricultural practices from the realm of solitary production & commodification to a practice rooted in public assembly, listening & cooperation.

You ready Iowa?!
We'll see you Sunday.

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