Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seed Stories from Mora, New Mexico

Here are Seed Stories from some of the amazing folks we met at the Mora Grows Seed Exchange and Seed Library kickoff. Along with these, there were many other stories germinating! We hope to return to Mora soon and spend more time in the brilliant company of this resilient community.

Ella Arellano shares a story about nurturing the knowledge and passion for growing food and sharing seeds, which her grandmother and home of Agua Negra (Holman), New Mexico instilled in her.

Joseph Griego is a 5th generation resident of Mora, New Mexico. He talks about his small organic farm and the importance of traditional farming practices.

Nicholas Morrow talks about the relationship between cultivating a garden and building possibility through healing, education, and the arts, to meet the future and support a growing community.

Marleny Alfaro, originally from the island of Cuba and now a resident of Mora, New Mexico talks about the inspiration behind the Mora Grows seed library.

Roger Gonzales talks about the connection between preserving community traditions through saving and sharing seeds, as well as his personal efforts on his farm to grow local agriculture.

Alima Fairchild talks about saving and sharing seeds in the dry climate of Northern New Mexico and about her favorite seed from the madder plant.

Marianna Lands talks about her family farm, La Sierra, in Cleveland, New Mexico, and the community project, Collaborative Vision, both of which share the common goal of working towards a healthy, vibrant, and supportive community and environment.

Lucille Joseph talks about her forty years of subsistence farming in the Mora valley

Denise and Mohamad share their desire to learn how to grow healthy food in Cleveland New Mexico. Mohamad tells of the times he would visit Denise's family farm and how much those times have influenced him.

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