Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mora Grows Seed Lending Library

SeedBroadcast recently met with Marleny Alfaro, originally from Cuba and now living and creating her life and biodynamic farm in Mora.  She has taken on the creation of a seed library and to kick this off there will be a seed interchange on March 23rd from 9am to 11am at Tapetes de Lana, located at the corner of Hwy 518 and Hwy 434, in Mora. The SeedBroadcast Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station is delighted to be partnering with Mora Grows and will be traveling to Mora to support this community event, to meet with community members, to gather and share local seed stories and to learn. Please come and join us.

The following is what Marleny sent to SeedBroadcast:

Our purpose is to save and share seeds that have been adapted to the area, as well as to educate those who have little experience in the art of saving seeds. Events for children will be announced after our first seed interchange. The lending library will be a place for you and your family to obtain and to pass on seeds that have been cherished by locals, strengthening our community's  ability to sustain itself, and passing on wisdom from generation to generation. Protecting our resources and keeping our seed stock safe from genetically modified seeds is one of our goals.

If you feel called to help with this endeavor, there are several ways in which you may help:

1. Promote event
2. Create table signs
3. Create educational posters
4. Find volunteers
5. Day of event orientation help
6. Clean up

We will organize our tables, as well as our library, by plant families. We are in need of a wooden cabinet with many drawers. We will re-finish or repair it. If you possess computer, artistic, organizational, gardening skills, or if you simply wish to help and don't know how, we invite you to contact us at and you may visit our page for more details.

We hope to see you there.

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